Essential Reasons Why One Should Clear Their Garden In Essex

Clearing a garden may not be the best feeling to a homeowner because of the sentiments attached to it over the years of working on it daily. However, there are times when one may be forced to clear their garden in Southend on Sea. Here are some of the reasons;

  • Dry and wilted plants – they do not reflect any desired outcome of setting up a garden. They make the home look abandoned and neglected. Dry plants may be because of deprivation of water or wrong use of an herbicide which negatively impacted on the plants.

Overgrown Garden

  • When the owner wants to change the landscape of the home and the garden sits in the wrong place according to the blueprint of the home. Perhaps your garden is in need of clearance before any landscaping can take place in the future. If you live in the county of Essex, then the quickest and easiest option to find a suitable company that clears gardens would be to simply search for ‘garden clearance Essex’ in one of the search engines. Read reviews of the company in question and then you should be able to make a valid decision.
  • If the top soil used was not of the highest value and it does not contain the necessary nutrients and its acidity or alkalinity does not correspond to what the plants desire, then clearing the garden and starting afresh may be the best option.
  • When cutting down the grass or maintaining the grass throughout the year it certainly helps to make sure that the lawnmower blade is correctly sharpened. Failure to do so will mean that every time you cut the grass the blade will not ‘slice’ the grass, but actually ‘pull’ the grass from its roots – leaving you with a horrible lawn. It is imperative to have your blade sharpened at the beginning of spring and lawn mower repairs or service company will then be able to sharpen the blades for you.
  • When weeds and unwanted grass have outgrown the plants and flowers in the garden, or one is unable to control them, the garden then loses its appealing nature and because of this, one may not have an option but to clear it. The flowers and plants will be deprived of the nutrients they require as they will have been taken up by the weeds.
  • Harmful insects invading a garden and eating away the leaves and roots of the plants will damage the garden. It will no longer be stimulated and visually it will become an eyesore. When one is unable to control the damage, and the bugging continues spreading by day, one may be forced to clear the garden to control the rapidly spreading insects.
  • When the garden has become too monotonous to the homeowner and the flowering plants are not in their flowering stage, the garden may no longer be appealing to him/her though to others it will. The homeowner may decide to clear it and later put it up with the desired colours and fragrances.
  • Cluttered gardens are an eyesore, more so when the overgrown plants are in a small space. One may have unknowingly marked out a small gardening space without considering the size of the grown plants. Clearing the garden and starting afresh on a bigger space or with appropriate plants may be necessary.
  • When the art, ornaments, attractive pots and furniture used are worn out and old, the garden will no longer look attractive. And when the planters and baskets used are worn out and can no longer hold the weight of the growing plants, clearing the garden becomes a necessary step.
  • Once cleared, the lawn will need to be maintained and in doing so the lawn mower will need to be serviced every year – you can find a good company that services lawn mowers by searching for ‘lawn mower service’ in the search engines.