In most habitable regions of the earth, air is all around us, essential yet often overlooked. And yet, as anyone who spends any amount of time in regions with little or no air, this seemingly common aspect of human life is even more essential than it seems. Even people living in places where the air quality is low to toxic such as smog-choked Los Angeles or Mexico City, as well as places rife with air pollutants such as the cancer villages of China or the regions of Romania that suffered most under communism, can attest that good clean air can make a world of difference in every human being’s life.

partsBut air serves a great many other purposes in human society than simply supplying us with breath. Many of our tools and inventions rely on the proper use of air to function. Tires that get even slightly deflated pose a risk to everybody on or near a road with an ill inflated car on them. Air conditioners, essential for any semblance of comfort in some of the most murderously hot regions of Earth, need powerful engines and refrigerants in order to transform painfully hot air into something people can actually handle comfortably. These uses of air are of course only the beginning.

Meanwhile, nail guns and a number of other power tools cease to function without the proper use of air. Most power tools use air compressions to get the air they need in the form they need it in, be it a small device intended to inflate air mattresses to the massive truck-mounted air compressors needed to power an array of jackhammers for serious construction work. Air Trane compressors are a vital tool used in modern construction and industry, yet like all elements of modern technology, these tools are prone to breakdowns, often times from parts becoming too worn out to continue functioning. As has been said for centuries, nothing lasts forever.

Compressor parts then are for good reason sold across the industrialized world. While small compressor parts may go for relatively little money, usually to the tune of under 50 USD, heavy industrial compressor parts, for anything from jackhammer arrays to factory grade air compression machines, tend to sell for far, far more, as parts for these devices are larger, more powerful and more specialized than the parts needed for tools such as nail guns. And given the power even mild air compressors have, parts intended to improve the safety levels of these devices are of course extreme vital.

Some basic parts of these devices are inflator gauges and filters. Filters are particularly essential to keep large sized pollutants dust as dust and dirt from damaging the rest of the device accidentally, which can be a serious hazard to both the operator and their work. Air compressor pumps, the heart of these devices, tend to be a lot more expensive than other parts and get a lot more costly the more power they can harness, starting at around 200 USD for a low-end model and only going upwards for the truly powerful pumps.