What they don’t tell you about Pugs

How long has your heart melted every time you laid eye on a Pug dog? It happens to even those that say they’re not an ‘animal person.’ The pint-sized Pug is a distinct and unique dog that some describe as being so ugly they’re irresistibly cute. No matter your thoughts, there is no question that a Pug is irresistible. But before you rush out to purchase a Pug, there are a few things that you should know. You’ve probably read a lot of books and have gathered essential information to ease you into transition as a Pug owner, but we’re here to tell you all of the information those books forgot to mention. Are you ready to learn the things those books forgot to say?


Did he just do that?

Picture of Royalty PugstuffPugs are big practical jokers, and one of their favorites to play on their owner is fake peeing. Your little four-legged friend is likely to hike his leg and look right at you and maybe even scratch and sniff at the ground without ever seeing a drop. Pugs think it’s funny; mom and dad not so much. They are known for doing this just for the fun of it, but if you try to make them go outside alone without your companionship, they’re far more likely to pull this practical joke on you.


Where is my Quarter? Where’d that Plastic Bottle Go?

Hopefully, Mr. Pug isn’t responsible for these sort of disappearances, but in all likelihood, if it was in his realms, he is the culprit. Pugs will eat most anything, including items that other animals and humans won’t. As a Pug owner, you must treat your home (and even the outdoors) as if you have a toddler roaming through. Quite like a rambunctious toddler, if told to put it down the Pug is likely to do just the opposite! Pug proof throughout to keep your Pug (and the carpets in your house) safe! Buy some Pug items to  control your friend pug.


He’s Watched too many Floyd Mayweather Fights

Someone cancel the HBO pronto because Pugs seem to take those Mayweather fights to heart! Despite their small size, a Pug thinks that is the 10-foot tall. Pugs are known for having a loud bark (literally) but their bite isn’t so viscous.

Pugs use their front paws much like us humans use our hands. Don’t be surprised if he swats you (or another dog, a child, etc.) on the head or the arm if he wants attention or wants to play. It’s just how they get down. Pug life! Ding! Ding! Ding! Round two! Contact a trusted seller for your Pug Gifts.


A Pugs Life

There is nothing quite like life with a Pug. The dogs are loyal, smart, and loads of fun from sun up to sun down. They make you smile and certainly get you laugh until you cry. They’re big cuddlers and love companionship more than anything. They’ll protect you (your kids, the newborn kittens, and anyone else who wins his heart over) and holds your heart near every day of your life. But, they’ll also sometimes make you say hmmm and wonder just how in the world they’ve managed this. It’s all in a day of life as a Pug.